Workplace Violence Prevention in the Emergency Department Utilizing the BVC

General BVC 28 november 2023  - Frenzs  - JEN - ENA

The issue of violence in emergency departments is gaining increased attention in the healthcare community. 

Monica Wright's recent research provides a compelling analysis of this issue, focusing particularly on the implementation of the Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC) as a tool to predict and manage aggressive behavior.

Parallel to Wright's study, an article published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing offers additional insights into the broader context of violence in emergency healthcare settings. This article discusses various aspects of violence faced by healthcare workers, complementing the findings of Wright's research.

Together, these two resources paint a comprehensive picture of the current challenges and potential solutions in managing violence in emergency departments. For anyone concerned with improving safety and care in these critical settings, exploring both Wright's research and the insights provided in the Journal of Emergency Nursing is invaluable.

BVC in your healthcare facility 

As we delve into the critical role of tools like the Broset Violence Checklist in enhancing emergency room safety, it becomes evident that tailored solutions are key. If you're interested in implementing the BVC in your healthcare facility and would like to know more about its costs and integration, please contact us for a detailed quote and further assistance.



General BVC 28 november 2023  - Frenzs  - JEN - ENA