Re-Act is an easy to use start portal where all types of adverse events and incidents can be registered.

Re-Act is the software solution for all organisations that are dealing with aggression regardless of the sector they are active in. It is possible to generate detailed analyses at any organisational level in Re-Act, which helps to determine appropriate preventive measures in order to reduce violence.

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The most effective methods in one system.

Different modules that can be switched on and off in order to have a customer specific module package that covers all the organisational needs to register and even prevent violence. The most important modules that are integrated are the SOAS-R and the BVC. A complete list of possible modules and explanations about these modules are stated down below.


What can be registered?

Re-Act is a start portal in which one can register all kinds of incidents.
In the following the other modules within Re-Act are highlighted.

  • Soas-R

    SOAS-R stands for Staff Observation Agression Scale - Revised. The SOAS-R Is the most promising tool to report agressive incidents. 

  • Fall

    Fall, this module is used to register a fall of a patient. Why, where, and consequences will give an insight in the incident after which preventive measures can be taken.

  • Medication

    Medication, with this module it is possible to register the problems that can happen around medication, for example wrong medication, not the right dosis etcetera.

  • Arbo

    Arbo, with this module it is possible to register incidents more related with employees in order to create a safer workfloor.  

  • Fire

    Fire, this module enables the registration of arson and arson attempts or any other fire related incidents.

  • Missing

    Missing, enables the registration of incidents where there are cases of missing persons.

  • Sexual Abuse

    Sexual Abuse, this module enables reporting incidents of sexual abuse by clients (or employees).

  • Complaints

    Complaints, this module enables the registration of all kinds of complaints.

  • Prik

    Prik, enables the registration of all kinds of stab (or stab related) incidents.

  • Automutilation

    Automutilation, this module enables the registration of different kinds of self harming incidents.

  • Suicide

    Suicide, this module enables the registration of suicide related incidents.

  • Quality

    Quality, this module enables registration to improve quality in healthcare.

  • BVC

    BVC stands for Brøset Violence checklist. This method is designed to predict violence on a 24 hour perspective.

  • Argus

    Argus, a module to enable registration of involuntary incarceration.



  • Early Recognition

    Early Recognition, a module to enable the recognition of problems in an early stage, in order to act pro-actively.

For the BVC method Frenzs has developed an app.

The BVC Web app is free to use for individual users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do we need to train our staff?

    Training staff in handling violent incidents within the organization is always advisable. The Brøset Violence Checklist stands out for its simplicity, making it highly accessible and efficient to implement within the organization and its workflow. While training is not mandatory, we have developed an E-learning module that covers the fundamentals of the methodology, which is available for free. Check the Brøset Violence Checklist E-learning.

    Additionally, we collaborate with a global leader in staff training. Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries about staff training, and we'll offer you a suitable solution.

  • Is Re-Act software web based or does it run on a server? Can Frenzs provide a server service?

    Yes, Re-Act is web based, however it runs on servers rather than in the cloud. Frenzs can provide server space, one is also allowed to find there own third party server provider.

  • What is the advantage of Re-Act software over licenses?

    Re-Act software has been developed by a team of experts with years of experience in the business, which allows for employees to report incidents super easily and very fast. In this way one can focus on providing healthcare. One can add several different modules to report all incidents that occur. Analysis via Re-Act software can be extracted in various tabels, graphs and can be filtered on all organisational levels, which gives a clear and rapid insight for policymakers to make strategic or operational changes in order to reduce violence. There is always support available during office hours.

  • How much does Re-Act software cost?

    Prices are dependant on the type of organisation and size (most of the times in number of beds). However Re-Act is priced in a way that it will always earn itself back, by the cost savings that derive from reporting and managing incidents in organisations.

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