The SOAS-R is an easy-to-use instrument that helps documenting a wide range of aggressive behaviours.

SOAS-R, stands for The Staff Observation Aggression Scale – Revised. With this instrument caregivers can quickly document what exactly happened during aggressive occurrences as the answer options in the instrument’s five columns only have to be marked by the ward staff. It gives a better insight of when and why patients and clients are most likely to engage in aggressive behaviour, to intervene effectively and to prevent an increase of aggression. 

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The SOAS‐R is a tool for monitoring a wide range of (self‐) destructive acts, which allows for better policies that will result in less aggression.

Proper assessment of aggressive behavior is essential for an understanding of its causes. The most important reason all agressive incidents should be reported is to allow arrangements for prompt measures. Oftentimes aggressive incidents result from minor aggressive incidents that cannot be prevented if care is untimely, therefore reporting incidents when they occur is so important. Another equally important reason to report all agressive incidents is that they must be investigated and their causes found, to prevent the same from happening again to someone else. The SOAS-R is an instrument for monitoring the frequency, nature, and severity of aggressive incidents. The use of the SOAS-R will help get better insight in why and when aggression occurs after which policies can be adjusted in order to reduce violence.


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  • Various complex analyses on multi-company levels (Patient, unit, organizational)
  • Possibility to expand with multiple modules 
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SOAS-R integration in third party software

  • Third party is responsible for integration
  • Look and feel after own preference
  • Pay per use, BVC only
  • Assistance with integration in third party software

Customers who use the SOAS-R wisely

Meet the author of the SOAS-R Method.

Prof. dr. Tom Palmstierna

Tom Palmstierna is a senior psychiatrist at the Stockholm Addiction Centre in Sweden, and associate professor at the institute for Clinical Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides that, Tom Palmstierna is professor at the faculty of medicine of the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, and a senior researcher of the Forensic psychiatric research group at the Bröset forensic psychiatric hospital in Trondheim, Norway.

Prof. dr. Henk Nijman

Henk Nijman was professor of forensic psychology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and senior researcher at the forensic psychiatric institution Fivoor. Before his appointment at Radboud University, he was a visiting professor at the department of Mental Health and Learning Disability of City University in London. He obtained his master in mental Health Sciences from Maastricht University in 1992 and in 1999 received a PhD from the faculty of psychology at the same university for his dissertation entitled: Aggressive Behaviour of psychiatric inpatients; Measurement, prevalence and determinants. His main research areas are the causes and prevention of violent behavior of (forensic) psychiatric patients and patients with (mild) intellectual disabilities. He has written numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters on this topic. Together with professor dr. Tom Palmstierna he revised and tested the SOAS-R.

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