More friends.
Less aggression.

Meet Frenzs

Frenzs wants to make a contribution to a more peaceful world. More friends and less aggression. We use valuable knowledge and cutting edge technology to connect more and more people from various fields around the world with copyrighted methodologies that have proven to reduce violence and aggression. Internationally, we stand as the primary defenders of our copyright holders' interests.

Frenzs understands the world in which it operates. We understand that technology can be a powerful tool, however technology alone is not the unique goal. Frenzs is modest and takes a caring role.

History of Frenzs

Our company dates back to 1993 when Frenzs was still an element of IGCN. In 2003 we brought our focus to the field of aggression management when we came in touch with the SOAS-R method and its authors. Later we added the BVC. The outcome was the foundation of Frenzs in 2013, to solely focus on the development of software in aggression management. The growing demand in the field of these groundbreaking methods gains us confidence for the future to contribute to more friends and less aggression.


Fred Giesbers, cofounder of IGCN and founder of Frenzs.

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